The Second Coming of Christ…

My newest Drop Card creation.

Since I was a child… being brought up in the light of religion… our church leaders always spoke of “The Second Coming of Christ”.  We were taught in church that Christ would come down from the clouds on a flying white horse followed by an army of Angels. It wasn’t until years later that I truly understood what this “Second Coming” meant.

A set of books happened to cross my path that shed light on what the true meaning of this really meant.  The books are called “The Second Coming of Christ,,, The Resurrection of the Christ Within You“.    Finally, I understood what it really meant.  No, not some fairy tale of flying horses coming out of the clouds.  (I mean, really???  Has anyone seen flying horses???)  But something a bit more realistic… that went along with the Laws of Nature.

The Second Coming of Christ is Christ-Consciousness rising and shining within and through you! What’s Christ-Consciousness?  It about being totally conscious of what is right and what is wrong.  It’s about being conscious of your actions and the light & love you share or withhold.  It’s about self-realization.  It’s about recognizing your own fears and the why’s behind them.  I spent so many years ignoring or not listening to the LIGHT (that still voice of consciousness inside), and often found myself withholding the LOVE within myself (that I could have shared) due to the voice of ego in my own head.  I didn’t want to look weak… and I hit wall after wall of failure because I was thinking all wrong.

Eventually the wheel of Karma comes along and catches up with you and slaps you REAL HARD. (By the way, Karma is REAL and is only a BITCH if you are!  Trust me… I know… I’ve been a bitch in my lifetime.)  I recently read somewhere that failure is your true friend.  And now I understand why.  Success can build arrogance, ego, pride and greed.  I think I needed to learn lots and lots of failure before I could ever taste success… because I would need to watch out for MY OWN arrogance, ego, pride and greed.  I’ve already had a taste and felt how having a little too much can create a monster within, if you allow it.

Failure though… failure builds humilty, self-examination and self-realization.  It builds you up on the inside and creates new possibilties.  With failure, you never lose… you simply LEARN.  In helps you to truly appreciate what’s important in life… instead of being spoiled with what’s not important. Failure brings you to gratitude, true appreciation and a closer connection to that part of God within you. Failure can be your very best friend if you are willing to listen. Listening is something I have struggled with for a very long time.  I’ve gone through a lot of pain and suffering in my life because I didn’t LISTEN.  I didn’t heed the warning signs and the tugs of “Uh-Oh… you better not do that” within myself.

Allow Christ-Consciousness to rise and shine within you.  WE are the Second Coming of Christ.  We are waiting for our selves to stop allowing fear to rule over us… and simply RETURN TO LOVE.  It’s coming… can’t you feel it?  The sooner we allow it and let it flow within & without… the sooner our world with begin to balance and correct itself.



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